Selected Presentations

Presenter - Legal seminars for television stations, newspapers, magazines, trade publications, and other media companies located in, among other places, the District of Columbia, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, California, Washington, and North Carolina.

Presenter – “Libel, Privacy, and Newsgathering Issues,” Ohio Association of Broadcasters and Ohio A.P

Presenter – “Libel – Are You at Risk?” National Press Club, Washington D.C.

Presenter – NLGJA Convention

Guest Lecturer – Brandeis University, “The Fundamentals of Defamation Law”

Presenter – “Newsroom Legal Issues,” Public Radio News Directors’ Conference

Presenter – “Libel, Privacy, and Newsgathering Issues,” District of Columbia chapters of the Asian American Journalists Association, the National Association of Black Journalists, and the National Association of Hispanic Journalists

Webinar - Media Conference - CUNY

Photo by Mihajlo Maricic/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by ImageGap/iStock / Getty Images